NCAA Basketball

From Midnight Madness to March Madness, Larry's got your 2015-2016 NCAA Basketball needs covered.

Larry's Sports Picks Information

Larry is a Vanderbilt and Wake Forest educated semi-professional gambler and former collegiate athlete. Larry brings ten (10) years of sports betting experience to the table, as well as many years of statistical modeling and handicapping experience. He has had incredible documented success in a wide variety of sports from the core American sports (NFL/NBA/MLB/NHL) to soccer, tennis, golf, collegiate athletics and everything in between.

You can tap into his wealth of information and modeling capabilities, and join in with Larry in the quest to bring down the books. While most casual sports pick sites resort to qualitative analysis of trends, key statistics, gut feelings, guesswork and following the money flow, Larry prefers to jump in and mimic what the books do: he lines games himself!

His self-developed, incredibly sophisticated and up-to-date modeling system allows him to project how the match-ups of tomorrow will play out TODAY! In essence, he does what Vegas does, before or as Vegas does it themselves. However, unlike Vegas, Larry’s lines do not care about public perception or where money is flowing; they only care about his side’s chances to win the actual game in question.

It is a Larry maxim to always price shop, often using 5dimes as his online book of choice because of their reduced vig offerings.